BirdsBeep Multilingual Feature- Enjoy Chatting With Your Contacts In Your Favorite Global Language

You must be feeling proud to using BirdsBeep, the most innovative mobile chat application and setting new standards of telecommunications rapidly with total success. This one of the most popular mobile chat applications comes furnished with a variety of hot features that will take your breath away such as Message scheduling, Real time Contact synchronization, Nudge, send Random gifts and so on. However, in this blog post, we specifically focus on Multilingual support, which adds an extra sensation among the users. So definitely, users who are non-English speakers would be particularly very delighted to know about this awesome feature.

For the users who know and speak a variety of other language apart from English language, BirdsBeep is still a right commodity for them. In point of fact, BirdsBeep currently supports a range of global languages including English, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and still more. Hopefully, the feature helps global users a lot. So while you send a message to your IM colleagues or near and dear ones, your message will be automatically translated via the Multiplatform Chat Application. With BirdsBeep, language is never a barrier but you will enjoy communicating with your familiar ones feasibly and in a very fun and engaging fashion!


About BirdsBeep

BirdsBeep it is a FREE chatting app that mingles the messaging and socials apps. BirdsBeep is a multiplatform chat application for – Desktop, web, Android Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry Phone & many more. Visit
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