Overview of the four most popular mobile chat applications

Over the past few years, mobile chat applications have become an extremely fashionable thing for mobile users from all over the world. And, it is no wonder to learn that with the passage of time, their popularity and demand continue to enhance. Some of the most popular and downloaded Mobile Chat Applications include WhatsApp, BirdsBeep, Viber, Line, WeChat and so on.

Now we discuss the aforesaid four most popular mobile chat applications:


BirdsBeep is a cutting-edge and versatile mobile chat application fundamentally designed to help people connect with their near and dear ones in a very friendly, easy and hassle-free manner. This App is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. And with said that, anyone owning and using an iPhone or Android phone, BirdsBeep can create a huge difference in hooking them up with others provided only is that those individuals must be already included in his/her contact list and they also have the same app loaded on their device or PC.


It will be a blunder if WhatsApp is not included in the list of the most popular mobile chat applications. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and is today undoubtedly the most used chat application for Android, Windows and Apple mobile phones to touch base with people via texting or calling. It is very simple to use and easy to install that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or from the website directly. It supports all the mobile operating systems. When it comes to features, they all are extremely engaging and they keep to updating them periodically back to back. The extent of fun of using WhatsApp is beyond compare.


Viber is another highly popular Mobile Instant Messaging app. It is largely used for making video calls on your Smartphone. More or less features of Viber are tantamount to Skype and the experience is absolutely one of a kind. Viber was owned by Japanese ecommerce mogul Rakuten in the beginning of the year 2014 and a variety of unique and engaging features are under consideration to be incorporated into the app to spice up the experience of users.


Line is available free of cost to users but based on their personal preferences and needs, they can invest money on certain virtual content such as stickers, in-app purchases within games and sign-up to receive messages from their favorite brands. This IM app backs up over as many as 40 apps — including a neat camera app — and there are even good plans to bring in music and shopping services before long.

So we have given the overview of four important Mobile Chat Applications that are at the height of popularity and demand in the market. So before resolving a chat application, it is a great idea to check out them very well whether they are compatible with your system or operating system so that you will not have to go through any type of disappointment.

About BirdsBeep

BirdsBeep it is a FREE chatting app that mingles the messaging and socials apps. BirdsBeep is a multiplatform chat application for – Desktop, web, Android Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry Phone & many more. Visit www.birdsbeep.com
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