Instant Messaging Market Statistics & Forecasts For 2017

On FEB 20, 2014, 06.31 PM, Business Insider published a story with the title Everyone Who Thinks Facebook Is Stupid To Buy WhatsApp For $19 Billion Should Think Again

It details the reasons and narrows down a fact-driven and perhaps very accurately articulated landscape why Facebook made such a whopping investment when it could not do so.


Some of the key reasons behind this bold Facebook move it speculates include –

1.WhatsApp has both offensive and defensive value to Facebook

2. WhatsApp’s growth and usage is absolutely mind-boggling

3. WhatsApp already has a powerful revenue model, and other successful messaging apps are showing the potential for it to add many more

4. WhatsApp has very low costs, so it should eventually be wildly profitable

5.The names of all the smart people who pronounced Facebook itself a “fad” or “worthless” and dissed every new investment in the company as “moronic” could fill a book.

Other than Business Insider, a lot of well known, authority news portals and commentary websites thoroughly covered the story and presented their own account if this move is going to be brilliant or stupid.

It is all up to time to see how the move performs, but Mark has the vision and intellect to judge where the world is heading for and where his audiences are.

Perhaps he knew very well that the world is going to be mobile and if one thing that could dominate the mobile savvy folks representing younger generation and beyond is an integrated chat platform. As statistics and trends are suggesting, the rapid – gradual and steady – growth of chat applications mean Facebook buying of Whatsapp is justified as of now.

Let’s look at statistics – the continued growth of instant messaging platforms

Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks eMarketer predicts that by 2018, the number of chat app users worldwide will reach 2 billion and represent 80% of smartphone users.


Another data shows (see above) how the mobile phone messaging app user penetration worldwide has been gradually increasing. From 14.9% in 2014 to a whopping 29.1% in 2019 – it seems to be quite a leap!

A data by THE RADICATI GROUP, INC. A TECHNOLOGY MARKET RESEARCH FIRM shows the Instant Messaging Market, 2017-2021. See the diagram below.

Asyou can see, a gradualsteady and moving – trend is on in support of worldwide adoption of IM accounts.


According to Strategyr the global market for Mobile Messaging Apps is projected to reach 2.1 billion users by 2020.

So, if you look at the diverse statistics and data procured from a range of credible sources; it can be rightly concluded that global trend for instant messaging application is on a rise and it is expected to drive more user interaction in the years to come.

With this article, we will now further study a few key components related to the instant messaging.

We will learn

1.Key reasons for the popularity of IM accounts

2.Who benefit from the driving growth of the industry?

3.What are the core forecasts of the instant messaging market


Key reasons for the popularity of IM accounts

1.Growing penetration of mobile phones with internet

2.Increased use of social networks among youths and people of other age bracket

3.Need to interact and collaborate among people in real-time

4.The urgency to keep connected

5.Availability of cheap internet services

6.Consumers growing interest for intimate forums for social networking

7.Multiple modes of communication offered by chat apps

8.Growing number of features offered

9. Popularity of peer to peer payments and E-commerce

Besides the above-mentioned points; there’re many other reasons why IM accounts are being made highly popular these days. In other words, if we summarize the key facts why IM accounts are becoming popular; we can rightly say that easy availability of mobile devices with internet connectivity and need for today’s consumers to keep connected with the world in a social manner has made IM accounts extremely popular.

Who benefit from the driving growth of the industry?

Marketers who want to pitch their targeted audience in a friendly manner can effectively leverage on the potentiality of the IM. Brands can socially connect with their key audiences using smart and simple advertisements and even use instant attention grabbing measures such as push notifications and branded means such as sponsored emoticons and other features to reach out their audience.

1.What are the core forecasts of the instant messaging market

Evolution is the key to survival. IM applications are slowly adapting to the need of the time and they have the essential skills to gradually change and cater to the demand of the changing time.

Forecasts IM apps

The way the market is growing and consumers change their interests, it is hard to accurately predict how the entire industry will be in the future. But as of now; it seems that IM apps are here to stay and they are going to develop a sustained footprint in the marketing arena. Here are some of the trends the future may hold when IMs are talked about

Adaptability with changing time

IM apps continue to rule the quick mode of communication and they adapt to the changing times depending on the needs of consumers and their behavioral approach.

Chat bots will offer the ability for businesses to develop custom responses based on natural language input

IM apps will gradually send and some are already doing advertisement within their eco system.

More and more bigger players will keep inventing, reinventing their investment and also they keep the culture of acquisitions alive.

1.Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19billion (approx. €14.7billion)

2.Rakuten acquired Viber for $900million (approx. €695million).

3.LINE, WeChat and KakaoTalk are backed by substantial media/electronics corporations.

4.Alibaba’s investment in their own IM app DingTalk


Apps will continue monetization using premium stickers and in-app purchases.

Brands will develop chat feature within their application to make the entire process of communication simpler

These are some of the speculated forecasts and trends about IM apps. Should you want to learn more about instant messaging apps statistics, messaging app market, and more about the entire industry; we recommend you keep reading our blog. And, if you were looking to download a good Instant Messaging Applications that can help you simplify communication; we recommend you can try BirdsBeep


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