Reasons to include Instant Messaging Apps in Marketing Strategy

eMarketer predicts that by 2018, the number of chat app users worldwide will reach 2 billion and represent 80% of smartphone users. Reference

Other than this very important and relevant reason, there are many whys exist for which marketers across industries are readily integrating instant messaging applications in their marketing strategy. We outline some of them here –

Trend of the time

Instant messaging applications are the trend of the time. They represent the most stylish, uncomplicated and simplified way to connect, collaborate and communicate with your target audience. They are taking the entire industry by storm and becoming a trusted way to communicate. That is why given the increased demand and the trend of the time; it is natural to expect that companies across industries will readily accept the integration of instant messaging application into their marketing campaign.

Caters to the evolving demands of interactivity

Instant messaging applications are slowly but steadily bridging the gaps traditionally developed by former communication technologies. And the filling up of the gaps is further propelled by the nature of such applications to cater to the demanding needs of the interactive age. Let’s take the example of emojis. You cannot expect to send an emoji using traditional landline phones. With instant messaging application, you live the emotions and interactions using so many features of communication; with emoji being one.

Integration of many marketing channels

Just like emojis which is also a form of interactive marketing brands are leveraging on, marketers are also pondering over the probability of using other marketing channels within the ambit of instant messaging apps. The use of video, keypad, animated features etc; are actively contributing towards the development of marketing for brands who always try to use newer ways to connect and communicate with their audiences.

The notification factor

The most awesome thing about applications available on smartphones is that they send you notifications. When you allow an applications to send you push notifications on your smartphone, it send you content you can use. Marketers are using this potentiality of messaging apps to reach out to their audiences easily.

These are just some of the most important reasons why marketers are actively working towards introducing messaging applications into their marketing strategy. The more detailed and beneficial the entire working methodology is better can marketers reach their potential audiences.

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