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5 Ways Brands Are Using Instant Messaging Apps

Instant messaging applications are the talk of the day! They are a decisive part of our digital life. Because they are scaling up in increased popularity, brands are also leveraging on their potentiality to connect with people who frequent them. … Continue reading

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Why End-to-End Encryption is important in Instant Messaging App

Before we cover the crucial importance end-to-end encryption holds in instant messaging, let us first understand what this encryption is all about. Short for E2EE, End-to-End Encryption is a system of communication where specifically communicating users can read the messages. … Continue reading

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Benefits of Video Chat for Customer Service

Live video chat might never replace lunchtime joining of friends and handshakes; but it certainly scores over traditional means of humane communications. The most beneficial aspect of it is in the ability to see the communicators live and the edge … Continue reading

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