Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

Here we share the most useful benefits associated with video conferencing through mobile chat application. Read it to know more

How to channelize a corporate communication using video conferencing? Read on!

A good collaboration system uncomplicated the differences arising out of differences in an organization. It is believed that integrating telephony, video, instant messages and web conferencing is actually what the employees desire. They want a single point of contact and platform where they can easily communicate with each other and thus collaborate on projects leading to optimum use of their intellect and resources.

There are a range of benefits associated with video conferencing and companies who are adapting with the narrative of change and practically using it in their work environment are experiencing high-end benefits. Some of the core benefits of video conferencing are mentioned below, with special reference to business angle.

Reduced travel time and cost

The greatest benefit associated with video conferencing, is the educed travel and cost. Because managers, internal team members, IT professionals can join client meetings seamlessly, it drives pinpointed business growth. Offering video facility can be an increased competitive offering. This even uncomplicated and modernize the concept of hiring.

Optimized record of attendance

One of the core benefits associated with video conferencing is that you can easily coordinate with resources without having to leave your place. The resources thus make sure the attendance is increased, the recorded video calling uncomplicated the entire process of work

Seamless communication system

Video conferencing can be fun with the use of increased types of communication system. The use of sophisticated mechanisms, and modern communication channels uncomplicate the entire process and seamlessly modernize the entire work structure. The personalized communication makes the communication through remote places interactive and it gives rise of more meaningful communication rather than useless chats.

Heightened productivity

Because communication are held in real time, participants are more in the sync, and decisions are being able to be made faster, easier, and simpler. Issues can be resolved faster. This gives your company a competitive edge.

Employee retention

One of the greatest benefits associated with video conferencing is that it gives rise to improved retention of employees. Less travel time means better work and life balance and employees can choose to work from their home to alleviate the cost of commuting. Remote employees can easily and seamlessly communicate with their in-house colleagues thus the degree of misunderstanding or differences do not actually exist.

Competitive edge

One of the most useful benefits of using video conferencing is that it can reduce the issues arising out of communication and it can channelize the entire process of work productivity. It can give you a competitive edge and improve the overall process.

The entire process of corporate communication is simple using video communication, , if you are undefined about your needs, you can win!

These are some of the most useful benefits associated with video conferencing. To learn more about video conferencing, to learn how the use of an application help you channelize your communication system, and accelerate your productivity; please feel free to visit, the website.


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Instant messaging App user statistics 2018

Instant messaging is redefining the way we communicate in this constantly evolving world. The statistics usually change depending on the changing demands of the industry and the preferences of users. The messaging apps are becoming extremely popular for a number of standalone benefits.

They are easy to use, simple and user friendly. They let a user seamlessly and effortlessly communicate across devices and processes – sometimes without having to incur any significant charges. The Smartphone applications are feature enriched with a number of useful benefits.

We, in this article, are writing this article with an aim to cover some of the most useful and vital facts and statistics about instant messaging applications, and about their users and uses before, in, and after 2018.

Please find below a statistics from Statista about the popularity of some of the messaging applications

A lot of other useful statistic around the mobile apps are available here

The online marketplace is constantly evolving and a good number of changing audience interests are redefining the entire industry. According to this website, Over half of the world’s population is active online, the daily average internet usage speed has surpassed by 6 hours. Although Asia has the highest number of online users, Africa has the fastest growth rate. The Internet penetration has pretty much reached its peak in North America, voice controlled Internet is growing. Other than these, there are many other insightful statistics.

Android is by far the dominant global mobile platform; Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in many countries.

Looking at the statistics, it can be said that the Instant Messaging Applications are changing the world’s communication landscape. It is changing how we talk, and respond to, and in some respects, influencing our decisions.


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Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps for Business

Instant messaging applications are rocking the entire communication industry. They are known to have a number of standalone benefits over other communication mediums. A number of reasons are there for which people are increasingly using instant messaging applications. These save your valued time, effort and money, they are convenient to use, they simplify your entire mode of communication. Using instant messaging applications; businesses can actually connect and collaborate with their audiences in real-time. Please find below some of the most popular instant messaging applications for business.

Google+ Hangouts

As it goes in the Wikipedia, Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features.

Because of its improved features, it is being popularly used for business communication. It is easy to use, and because it is free to set up a Google Plus account from your Gmail; which many of your employees might already use; Google + virtually does not require any installation.


Skype is one of the most popular applications specifically used for business. Perhaps more and more people use it exclusively for businesses unlike other chat applications in the list. Skype is offering great number of standalone benefits and it is being redefined periodically; adding newer features. If you are serous about initiating business in a holistic environment; Skype is the way to go


BirdsBeep is relatively new but a popular application businesses have started to use recently. Features such as single and group chat, HD audio and video calls, provision to develop your own album,
hide/show conversation, provision to send random gifts, encryption are some of the most important features; besides others that make BirdsBeep a great alterative to others in the list for effective and useful business communication.

Whatsapp for business

If you are a small business, Whatsapp has a great answer for you in the form of Whatsapp Business. It has some awesome metrics for effortless tracking of your business progress. The app is free and is likely to make the business instant messaging simple and easy. Whatsapp is already redefining the entire concept of instant communication, and with its business version, it is expected to channelize corporate communication

Google Duo

Why only text when you can simplistically video call your prospects? Google Duo is slowly but gradually becoming one of the popular ways startups can communicate in more affordable but realistic manner.

Other than these, TaxApp, Globr etc are other apps you can think when it comes to business app.

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Latest Mobile Chat Application Trends in 2018

Mobile Chat applications are entirely changing the way how a communication is conducted. They are breaking stereotypes, weaving in new trends, and channelizing improved processes to simplify personal and business conversation. Please find below some of the top trends that are redefining the chat conversation of the year


From emoticons to emoji’s – these visual delights have taken the world of communication by storm for their sheer elegance and design. Chatting applications are evolving with them, and the way these emojis are translated into meaningful messages in diversified forms and types indicate that they are here to stay.

Voice based search

The addition of voice-based search other than text input is also making application-based searching relatively simple and easy. This is where they are adding in new forms of AI, and trying to make their speech recognition software more reliable and accurate.

The improved and design friendly UI

User-friendly user interface has always been a priority for businesses who develop sophisticated applications. The user interface the more simple and easy it is; quicker it is for an audience to interact with it and therefore make meaningful relationship with the application. Mobile Chat applications are getting design makeover and user-friendly interface to accelerate the provision of interactivity.

The chatting applications are entirely redefining the scope and interactivity.

These are just a few of the many trends that are redefining the entire industry. These trends will further be changed with addition of other trends; thereby making it unique and simple for an entirely new trend to emerge. Whatever is the future of the instant chat applications, one thing that can be reasonably concluded is that these applications will keep evolving and they are here to stay.

The entire world of communication is phasing through changes and mobile chat applications are expected to generate better scope for an improvised and adaptive communication process.

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Role of Instant Messaging Application to grow Business

Instant messaging applications are slowly but gradually gaining wide spread attention across industries for the obvious benefits. They simplify communication, channelize the entire process of interaction, streamline the objective of doing marketing and above all; uncomplicated the process of bringing forth a message on business landscape. Please find below some of the most important benefits associated with messaging applications and how it can help your business grow.

An instant messaging applications can be used for a number of reasons and across a variety of ways. It can be used for customer service, internal communication, sales, beat testing and gathering customer feedback etc.

There are a number of reasons instant messaging applications are in trend and have been widely used by marketers. It is a cost effective way to communicate and collaborate with your audiences, give the increasing demand of smart phones and rise in the number of people who use android and other operating based smartphones; targeting these audiences using their hand-held devices and through instant messaging application has become very important. Instant messaging applications are usually secure. Because of being simple and easy and uncomplicated communication system; it encourages efficient communication system.

Because of being mobile; it is easy to target and simple to integrate with literally any mobile applications. Businesses who want to grow their audience base often find it really cool and simple to leverage on the potential of instant messaging applications to connect and collaborate with target audience.

Businesses who have leveraged on the potentiality of instant messaging applications often report to have received wider and better results and yields. Using instant messaging applications can streamline operational objectives, and it can have some significant benefits.

Businesses can use it as an effective and practical tool to connect with their audiences. It has been working as one of the pivotal ways to complement communication, reward your audiences. It can connect team members from off site locations thereby streamlining the work productivity.

A highly well-equipped instant messaging application can break down barriers, and accelerate productivity. Given the obvious reasons; it can be easily said that the mobile applications can literally improve the entire way the work communication is held, and with instant messaging applications; the entire process of channelized communication has been made easier.

When it comes to choosing a good instant messaging application, which is the core thing that you consider?

Well, the market is populated with so many mobile applications that it sometimes becomes hard for literally anyone and specifically businesses to choose the one application that truly caters their standalone requirements. Make sure that the application has all the features that your business require, it should be solid in security, the application has to be integrated with over the edge benefits and it should easily be integrated with leading applications.

Instant messaging has a number of vital benefits, and when used well, it can effectively channelize work process. To use an applications for smooth corporate communication, visit BirdsBeep


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Mobile Chat Application vs. Live Chat — Who gives better ROI

In-app or mobile chat application messaging is the act of messaging and communicating with users with the help of a software application on a mobile device. Mobile chat applications include image and text and is believed to have more multimedia capabilities. Because of the availability of contextual content, marketers often favour in-app messages over push notification. Read!

Live chat is a popular terminology used for online chat applications designed to offer online assistance to users of a website. This is mostly used to help instant help. Users can chat online with live agents.

With the development of online services, and need for direct communication, a gradual progress has been made across chat applications and live chat. We have seen Yahoo messenger, many other live chat platforms, and their improved and modern version. And with the processing of time; the need and demand of these applications changed drastically.

Today; what we have is relatively high quality and feature enriched mobile chat applications. These applications are designed to facilitate the high end and sophisticated chat communication systems.

With the help of a mobile chat applications, you can do a number of high-end tasks. Chat applications – other than carrying out live chat with customers, can facilitate the process of communication with two people off business

However; need of time and given the increased demand of people for simplifying the need of time; communication has often become mobile based.

So, basically mobile chat applications are newer or to be more precise, improved version of live chat. Live chat cannot be as flexible and feature enriched as a mobile application based chat.

To learn more on how you can simplify process of channelizing and simplifying communication using chat application, please click the website

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How Chat Apps Are a Successful Platform for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the new trend of the time. With more and more people readily opting for an enhanced and thoroughly streamlined form of communication strategy such as hand-held devices such as smartphone, marketers are focusing all of their core interests into leveraging on this medium. Mobile marketing has increasingly gained a widespread foothold across mediums and marketing messages and there are no surprises why.

It can help you easily connect and collaborate with your target audiences, it is cost effective, it can help you reach your targeted set of defined audiences holistically, it can have its immediate effects, and most importantly, it can help you establish a long-standing relationship with your audiences in the long run. Considering all these benefits; it requires little introduction why mobile marketing has increasingly gained such a noble attention from marketers.

Now, let us come to today’s discussion – the importance of chat application as a means of successful mobile marketing. Mobile Chat application largely is the key driver for sustained digital growth for marketers who are trying to tap into its benefits. With today’s chat applications equipped with a variety of benefits such as enhanced media sharing, live video and high quality conversational feature, group communication, security-layered discourse; it is very simple to conclude that these applications are revolutionizing the entire concept of communication. Mobile marketers are now tapping into spaces within chat application eco system to reach out to their targeted audience holistically.

Add to this, the enhanced use of futuristic features within an application eco system which necessarily include chat bots, integration of AI, machine learning etc are making today’s chat application smarter and they can respond to human emotions better.

The mobile chat applications when researched properly can be used for mobile marketing very effectively. The rise of new age advertising and the holistic, smart usage of these applications are increasingly gaining worldwide importance and brands are understanding the need for starting up a simple and effective communication strategy involving mobile marketing. Chat applications are going to bring strategic revolution into the world of marketing and the revolution has already begun. The more strategically marketers leverage on this medium, better they can expect to yield benefits from it.

To conclude, it can be reasonably said that mobile chat applications are simplifying the entire concept of mobile marketing and given the speed at which it is improving, marketers can only expect sky is the limit in the field of mobile advertising.

So download BirdsBeep Chat application and try to get its marketing benefits in your business.

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