Mobile Chat Application vs. Live Chat — Who gives better ROI

In-app or mobile chat application messaging is the act of messaging and communicating with users with the help of a software application on a mobile device. Mobile chat applications include image and text and is believed to have more multimedia capabilities. Because of the availability of contextual content, marketers often favour in-app messages over push notification. Read!

Live chat is a popular terminology used for online chat applications designed to offer online assistance to users of a website. This is mostly used to help instant help. Users can chat online with live agents.

With the development of online services, and need for direct communication, a gradual progress has been made across chat applications and live chat. We have seen Yahoo messenger, many other live chat platforms, and their improved and modern version. And with the processing of time; the need and demand of these applications changed drastically.

Today; what we have is relatively high quality and feature enriched mobile chat applications. These applications are designed to facilitate the high end and sophisticated chat communication systems.

With the help of a mobile chat applications, you can do a number of high-end tasks. Chat applications – other than carrying out live chat with customers, can facilitate the process of communication with two people off business

However; need of time and given the increased demand of people for simplifying the need of time; communication has often become mobile based.

So, basically mobile chat applications are newer or to be more precise, improved version of live chat. Live chat cannot be as flexible and feature enriched as a mobile application based chat.

To learn more on how you can simplify process of channelizing and simplifying communication using chat application, please click the website

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How Chat Apps Are a Successful Platform for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the new trend of the time. With more and more people readily opting for an enhanced and thoroughly streamlined form of communication strategy such as hand-held devices such as smartphone, marketers are focusing all of their core interests into leveraging on this medium. Mobile marketing has increasingly gained a widespread foothold across mediums and marketing messages and there are no surprises why.

It can help you easily connect and collaborate with your target audiences, it is cost effective, it can help you reach your targeted set of defined audiences holistically, it can have its immediate effects, and most importantly, it can help you establish a long-standing relationship with your audiences in the long run. Considering all these benefits; it requires little introduction why mobile marketing has increasingly gained such a noble attention from marketers.

Now, let us come to today’s discussion – the importance of chat application as a means of successful mobile marketing. Mobile Chat application largely is the key driver for sustained digital growth for marketers who are trying to tap into its benefits. With today’s chat applications equipped with a variety of benefits such as enhanced media sharing, live video and high quality conversational feature, group communication, security-layered discourse; it is very simple to conclude that these applications are revolutionizing the entire concept of communication. Mobile marketers are now tapping into spaces within chat application eco system to reach out to their targeted audience holistically.

Add to this, the enhanced use of futuristic features within an application eco system which necessarily include chat bots, integration of AI, machine learning etc are making today’s chat application smarter and they can respond to human emotions better.

The mobile chat applications when researched properly can be used for mobile marketing very effectively. The rise of new age advertising and the holistic, smart usage of these applications are increasingly gaining worldwide importance and brands are understanding the need for starting up a simple and effective communication strategy involving mobile marketing. Chat applications are going to bring strategic revolution into the world of marketing and the revolution has already begun. The more strategically marketers leverage on this medium, better they can expect to yield benefits from it.

To conclude, it can be reasonably said that mobile chat applications are simplifying the entire concept of mobile marketing and given the speed at which it is improving, marketers can only expect sky is the limit in the field of mobile advertising.

So download BirdsBeep Chat application and try to get its marketing benefits in your business.

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How You Can Accelerate Learning through Mobile Chat Applications

Mobile Chat applications are redefining the entire concept of learning

Content of the article

  • The realization of wisdom

  • Pinpointed strategies to holistically integrate technology into learning modules

  • The future of mobile chat in education industry

  • Challenges and opportunities

  • Concluding remarks – The future as we see it today
  • The realization of wisdom

    Gone are the days of traditionally defined set of educational system. Today institutions – big or small – are learning to adapt with changes and readily integrating newer technologies in order to keep up with the pace of time. It is a good sign that institutions are pondering over newer technologies to technically well-equip tomorrow’s decision makers today. They are not hesitating to break away from the traditional barriers of communication and using newer ways to bring interactivity into education. The results are outstanding. They can easily channelize their work productivity, streamline their educational system, and most importantly define articulated set of modules that build strong characters in students.

    Pinpointed strategies to holistically integrate technology into learning modules

    Mobile chat applications are being integrated into interactive learning process. Here are some case examples:

    A faculty from a distant part of the world who happens to be a subject matter expert is training students located in a remote area, using chat application.

    A group of alumni of an educational institution is forming growing communities to cherish memories, keeping themselves updated with new learning modules.

    The above are just some of the case examples how educational institutions and people whose lives they touch can benefit using mobile chat applications. The usage is not restricted within these. The ability of the chat applications to keep users informed in real-time, their ability to send and receive multimedia messages, making groups, integrating multi channel communication are all redefining what we call interactive communication.

    The future of mobile chat in education industry

    The way technology is progressing, it can be easily concluded that the future of mobile applications is bright. The tomorrow’s chat application would integrate even better way of communicating with stakeholders. Dedicated education-based channels, integration of education-oriented bots, integration of machine learning and AI will enhance the overall mode of communication and thus streamline and improve its overall process making students better equipped with newer learning.

    Challenges and opportunities

    Adaptability with change although taking place is not as expected. There are still a lot of educational institutions who are yet to jump into the digital wave. The entire scope of informed education depends on its effectiveness, and it can be useful only when teachers know what they teach.

    The use of chat applications and their usefulness should be vitally taught to the trainers before they pass on the information. However, with smart phones making way into everyday life, teachers and students are already getting familiarizing with its scope and integrating it with education is thus not a very tough task when proper courses are designed

    Concluding remarks – The future as we see it today

    The future is bright and more interactive than today. Mobile Chat applications with enhanced variety of features are expected to redefine the entire scope of communication.

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    The Growing Importance of Security around Mobile Chat Apps

    The growing need for adding security around mobile chat applications has become very important. With a large number of people using mobile chat applications, it becomes very important that chat applications are developed using useful security practices for better resistance to vulnerability. Please find below some of the useful things you need to know about the importance of security around mobile chat devices.

    Free mobile chat messaging apps or premium ones

    Each one have their own features and set of advantages; but when it comes to leveraging on their true benefits, they only work when they can offer their customers truly vital set of security benefits.

    A growing number of people are using mobile chat applications for a variety of useful tasks, including chatting, sending attachments, taking and sending pictures and videos. In other words, mobile chat applications are redefining the entire concept of communication by making interactive communication unified. However, these applications stand truly useful when they meet the evolving security features and are holistically designed taking into account the standalone requirements of audiences.

    Mobile chat applications are at the verge of security risks and chat applications are always at risk of attack. The entire process of developing chat applications by developers has become very tough when security matters are considered. In order to develop state of the art and holistic chat applications. Developers should focus on advanced end to end encryption methods, they should use parental and other features for in-built protection, and they should integrate state of the art security system so that users can effectively carry out a conversation effortlessly.

    So, when it comes to channelizing the entire effort of security in a mobile chat application, you need to use only those applications that can answer the challenges of today’s market. The entire process of channelizing marketing efforts and developing world class mobile chat applications, you need to be defined about your need and use those applications that cater to your standalone need.

    Use BirdsBeep – a fully secured, encrypted messaging platform to carry out conversation securely, easily!

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    Top Features of Chat Apps, People Use Frequently

    At their most basic level, a chat application is after all used to interact with another person or a group of people. However, modern messaging platforms have made the entire process of delivering and receiving messages not just simple and effective; but effortlessly awesome! They are changing how people communicate. Modern messaging applications have new features that fundamentally alter the context and channel of communication.

    There are a lot of mobile chat applications being used today. The most popular ones have some common features; only the scale changes.

    The common traits of these applications include complete media channel solutions, improved and intelligent use of rich media, real-time and highly effective communication modules using interactivity. Please find below the hot trends of mobile chat applications and how businesses are leveraging on their potentiality to reach out to newer audience.

    Use of emoji’s

    Communication process has met with considerable changes in chat applications and with the use of emoji’s and communication stickers literally available with all the popular chat applications and others, the entire process of managing smart and effective communication has been made simpler.

    People react to emoji’s and stickers quickly making them a true addition in a chat application for developing increased audience engagement.


    While this can be the most basic aspect, developers are considering this option eminent and they are focusing on it better than before. With updates regularly being rolled out, an application is kept updated and according to the requirement of changing times.

    Voice and text chat

    The ability to send and receive pictures, sharing music with others, hiding/showing chat conversation, the ability to send random gifts, managing profiles, contacting contacts in real-time using a plethora of communication channels such as wave and nudge, inviting others using social media, contact synchronization, scheduling of messages, encrypting of messages etc. features make chat application secure and popular.

    Other than these, the use of facial recognition, provision of making an interactive group communication, ability to play a host of media, simplifying the real-time status of users are some if the top trend that are redefining the entire scope of communication.

    The crux of the matter is that with changing times, the need for developing time-specific chat applications are growing and chat applications are using newer technologies and engagement-accelerating tools to retain their audience

    BirdsBeep uncomplicated communication by allowing users with a host of chat features you can explore NOW!

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    How to Generate Business Using Instant Messenger Apps

    Instant massagers, when used for starting business development purposes, pave the way for real conversations between stakeholders to build real relationship throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

    Using an instant messenger, you can respond, engage and educate your customers. There are messengers, which are devotedly pinpointed to help businesses scale new heights. They work together to help sales, marketing and support teams to better communicate and connect with their customers.

    To get into the details, let us pinpoint in which ways do instant messenger apps can help businesses achieve new sales?

    Why use instant messaging apps for marketing?

    Segmented audience – In instant messaging apps, you have a limit on adding members in a group although you can create unlimited groups. So, the segmented groupings actually help you narrow down the most important set of audiences who matter. Based on their audience persona, and buying preferences and likes; you can necessarily develop your target audience.

    By researching on the target audience and developing communication strategy around the dialogues to help them convert into customers and thus making sales accessible is the buzzword of today’s evolving marketing practices.

    Trusted two-way communication – Establishing two-way communication is the trend of the time. Instant messaging can brands achieve this goal. Once a customer adds a brand into their contact list, it is easier for the latter to communicate with their audience.

    Personalized interaction – Social media offers a holistic set of human to human communication system. People do not prefer to get engaged with the faceless companies. Instant messaging applications offer very quick feedback and resolve of issues.

    Higher reach percentage – Using an instant messenger, a brand reach to its audiences quickly. It can target specifically defined set of audiences and therefore it has higher reach percentage.

    Other than the above mentioned reasons why instant massagers should be incorporated into the existing marketing campaigns of brands; it is becoming popular for putting branding message across for its higher conversion and engagement role.

    How to choose an instant messaging applications to promote a business

    There are a good number of instant messaging applications available on the Web, so it is quite natural for you to become unsure which a good choice is. That’s why and when you need to be decisive.

    The instant messaging applications should offer state of the art voice and text chat facility so that you can effortlessly communicate with your target audiences

    Send pictures – The instant messaging application should offer you unbreakable facilities to send pictures of any resolution without any issues

    Music sharing – If you are a brand from the creative industry, you can send music creative. So, it is very important to connect with your audiences.

    Hide/show messages – The instant messenger if it provides hide/show messages can help your audiences to effortlessly collaborate with your branding messages.

    Send random gifts – Brands should promote their messages by acknowledging the bond of audience. By sending random gifts on special events, as a brand, you can necessarily develop a solid image.

    Other important ways a brand can market using instant messaging applications

    • Allowing users invite friends via social networks
    • Messages seen status
    • Broadcasting location
    • Create public groups
    • Emoticons
    • Multi lingual support
    • YouTube conversation

    BirdsBeep makes it simple for brands to connect with their audiences using all of these! Click to visit


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    Important features to add while developing Mobile Chat Application – Android vs. iPhone

    Mobile chat applications are increasingly becoming popular given their obvious benefits. These chat applications are uncomplicating the efforts of conducting a free-flow communication, they are channelizing the entire effort of holistically commencing a dialogue, these chat applications are revolutionizing the way we engage in meaningful talk, they have made virtual communication interesting and accessible in hand-held device.

    However, when it comes to developing standalone chat applications for different operating systems such as android and iPhone; your preferences need to be different. In this article, we are trying to cover some of the crucial features to add while developing mobile chat applications separately for these two operating system.

    First of all, in order to understand the standalone difference between these two operating system, let us first pinpoint some crucial deciders concerning them.

    The coding process, unlike what most believe is not exactly the same, for both of this application development. Java is the language for android application development; which requires a lot of codes to be written; whereas iOS applications are released on Swift. They have dissimilar coding preferences and requirements and thus the applicationdevelopment, coding time and the challenges vary, and thus developers need to prioritize their preferences and goals before they launch the development.

    The target audience for the applications is different. Apple buyers are financially more able and they can spend money on mobile purchases, whereas android buyers might not be at all ready to immediately spend money on new mobile purchases.

    Monetization works differently on both of these mobile operating systems. For iOS apps, purchases which are freemium or premium are the best applicable models; whereas for android in-app ads and fermium are the good bets

    The development time is more on android thus the development cost tend to be more on android than iOS.

    So, while moth of these platforms are widely used by developers; when it comes to benefits and values from them, android applications and iOS have their standalone benefits.

    Now, coming to today’s discussion –

    A chat application developed for Android should have the following features –

    • Develop simple, accessible applications with in-app ads and fermium models to monetize
    • Develop applications based on the income and geography preferences of audiences
    • Give more rooms for easy communication process
    • Add a lot of stickers
    • Make it easy for people to review it

    A chat application developed for iOS

    • Make it sophisticated
    • Develop more features on simplification rather than enrichment
    • Use fermium or premium model to monetize
    • Make applications with more of intelligent aspects

    The entire development process of both of these applications vary, but if you choose a good service provider who can design high-end mobile apps that work; please click the website of BroadNet Technologies – one of the leading mobile applications development companies in USA, UK and UAE with a trusted track record of offering useful applications. Contact Broadnet to learn more on how they can help you develop solid
    mobile application

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