Mobile Messaging Apps – Must Have Safety & Security Features


With the increasing demands of mobile messaging apps, it has become extremely hard for literally anyone – we mean the smartphone users to compare, choose and opt from good applications that work. With the abundance of mobile applications, it has become an extremely hard task to factually narrow down the list of most important deciders that make your entire process of using the application good. Here is the top 3 deciders which make your application safe.

Why Application Security is Important?

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With the increasing need for advanced mobile applications, which help you connect and collaborate with your audiences and known people, it has become extremely hard task for you to narrow down the top deciders that make an application secured. A mobile phone stores your confidential documents. If your mobile phone application is not secured, how could you ensure that you can get value from it?

Mobile Messaging Apps – 3 Must Have Safety & Security Features

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Auto Backup Locally and Backup on Server

What if you have accidently misplaced your mobile device? Are you worried what to do with the files and messages you have stored on the chat application? Or what if you have deleted the application incidentally? This is exactly where you need to trust those applications which offers auto back facility on their server. This means even if you have deleted or misplaced or somehow incidentally forgot to take care of the important documents, you can always get the files using the backup server.

Parent Control

When it comes to security, not just back up counts. You need to ensure that the device is secured for viewing. You need to secure your device with censorship. With parental control feature, you can regulate which content goes to whom. If you want to your child to not access certain content which is not up to their level, you can use the feature. This security feature makes content pinpointed.

Hide Last Seen Status

While it does not sound like a top of the mark feature when it comes to security and seems to be related with privacy, it actually works well for literally any grounds. The feature allows you to hide when you were last seen. An awesome way for people who require not to show their friends and colleagues when they were available, this can uncomplicated their communication, and can help them talk when required.

Other than these, features such as emoticons, junior boundary, multilingual support, profile change alerts email conversation history are some of the most important deciders that make the entire effort of choosing application that works make really good. The entire effort of yours should be pinpointed to narrow down on choosing a secured application.

The market is populated with so many applications that choosing one becomes tough to compare, choose and opt for a good product. This is where you require the help of a solid application. Choose BirdsBeep which incorporates all the features mentioned to help you securely communicate with the world

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The Advantages of Mobile Messaging Applications Regarding Businesses

Mobile messaging applications have a wide variety of pinpointed influence over businesses. In today’s highly evolving marketplace and changing audience preferences, businesses always need to innovate newer measures to connect and collaborate with their audiences without having to feel them burdened under the extreme use of promotional and advertising content. That is when they need to think about using mobile messaging applications in a smart, simple and efficient manner; without having to spam anything.

They have a sustained presence

Messaging applications add to a good portion of mobile app marketplace. Messaging applications, according to a report, encompass six of the top ten most used apps used globally. Therefore, for businesses, it is quite common and simple to understand that they need to actively leverage on the core benefits of mobile messaging applications to reach out to their audience.

More private than social media

Using mobile messaging applications is popular among users because they think it offers them with privacy. They need not to visit and join any public forum to express their displeasure over your service. Rather; they can directly message you and thus get a problem solved quickly whereas you never need to worry about the message gone viral. Some users always prefer to chat in private rather than voicing their opinion elsewhere since it makes them think their opinions and voices are being heard individually and should be taken care of.

They provide a good number of communication systems

Different mobile messaging applications offer different types of communication systems – one to one messages, mass messages, timeline posts, stories etc. The unique variant of mobile communication system ensures that you can choose from a good format to learn your audience.

They can integrate with your other software

One of the great benefits of mobile message for your business is that they can be integrate with your other software. This means they can seamlessly work in any operating system – if they support them.

These are just a few of the core benefits associated with mobile messages; which businesses can avail if they work around the core ways to connect and collaborate with their audiences.

With the rising demands in the market, and improved range of challenges existing; it has become factually a tough task to choose a good mobile message service provider. That is why as a business you need to be defined about your core requirements. The entire process of choosing a good mobile messages service provider has also become challenging and tough given the availability of so many applications.

That is why as a business, you need to be defined about your needs and based on the features enabled; you should then choose a good mobile messaging application. The entire way of choosing a good service provider is not a hard job at all, all you require to do is to know how quickly do you want to reach your audience using a good service provider


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Benefit of Sending Messages On Time: Just Schedule it by BirdsBeep

This article is a brief take on the core benefits associated with scheduling a message on time. Please read on, and for any query; please contribute your ideas in the comments section.

Why it is extremely important more than ever to send timely messages?

Businesses are no longer working the way they did – even a few years ago. This is the age of disruption – when every brand is innovating newer ways to connect, collaborate and communicate with their audiences. So, it has become extremely important that businesses need to devise innovative and highly useful systems and policies to evenly cater to the evolving requirements of their audiences.

Sending messages on time lets your audiences feel that you value them

  • Sending messages on time promotes the culture of active engagement
  • Sending messages on time ensures enhanced, collaborated medium of communication
  • Sending messages on time makes sure that you can keep your audiences in the know of the most important announcements in real time
  • Sending messages on time creates a sense of urgency and thereby actively lets your audiences feel that they need to read and connect with your messages

When is the good time to send messages?

This has been a topic of debate. The simple logic is that you should send messages to your audiences when they use their smartphone. If you can bring flexibility in your messaging, you can consider the following stuffs –

  • Do not necessarily send messages on a hectic, busy Monday
  • Avoid rush hour
  • Send localized messages to connect with local audiences
  • Send breaking news
  • Send periodic reminders
  • Send ongoing reminder messages
  • Send seasonal and holiday messages

An active messages sending procedure necessarily involve sending messages on time, to a targeted set of active audiences – using a holistic way.

A good number of applications are available on the Web; which can help your brand and business to schedule as many messages as you want to be sent to a defined set of audiences on time.

One of the most useful application available online to send messages to your defined set of customers is to use BirdsBeep – a cutting edge and versatile mobile phone application which businesses can use to connect with their customers in a easy and hassle free manner.

How BirdsBeep’s schedule a message can be potential benefit for businesses

With the help of BirdsBeep, you have the awesome opportunity to send scheduled messages to the intended recipients using a single step. Just develop and compose a message and the application will then send it to the assigned recipient/s automatically on the right time. Although the application – like others – does not always guarantee to-the-second precision of delivery – but most of the time – and even almost always it delivers the developed and composed messages to the intended recipients exactly by the time intended.


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5 Ways Brands Are Using Instant Messaging Apps

Instant messaging applications are the talk of the day! They are a decisive part of our digital life. Because they are scaling up in increased popularity, brands are also leveraging on their potentiality to connect with people who frequent them. There are many ways brands are using instant messaging applications today and some of them are using such applications very smartly by not just engaging pinpointed segment of audiences but also by leaving their presence felt very intelligently across such applications. Read on!

Customer Service

The reputed hotel brand Hyatt made a very whopping and thoughtful presence in China through WeChat and thereafter received a very good number of response including booking and queries. Online jewelers are saying a good number of their targeted audience reach them using instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp. So, using instant messaging helps brand reach out to their pinpointed audiences holistically, ensuring increased brand loyalty and providing them with quick way to respond to customers.

Launching contests and games

A popular chocolate company from Israel launched a very successful campaign of engaging its users on Whatsapp using Facebook as source. It received good audience engagement on the social network and messaging application and it proved that brands can use instant messaging applications beyond just chat and solve queries of audiences, they can use it to launch innovative contest and games as an interactive, fun way to connect and collaborate with their customers.

Monetizing stickers

One of the great ways brands are leveraging instant messaging applications is to tie up with one and promoting their service and products using interactive content such as stickers. For example, a musician partnered with a well-known messaging application to release his own collection of exclusive stickers and even specially recorded sound bites.

Promoting sales

By sending out messages to select groups and demographics, companies are spreading the word about their new product and services and new launches and special offers. They are even using geo location data to connect and collaborate with people.

For example, Using Snapchat, TacoBell has seen 80% of its audience open the snaps and 90% watch the brand’s videos. Reference

Other than this, brands are also using instant messaging apps to promote their products They are developing their own e commerce set up and leveraging on their existing portfolio on the social networks to connect audiences.


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Why End-to-End Encryption is important in Instant Messaging App

Before we cover the crucial importance end-to-end encryption holds in instant messaging, let us first understand what this encryption is all about. Short for E2EE, End-to-End Encryption is a system of communication where specifically communicating users can read the messages. The specific system is developed and designed to defeat any attempts of surveillance or eavesdropping since no third party can decipher the data, which is being communicated.

Simply put, this is an extremely high-end, valuable and latest security system that prevents third-parties from accessing data when it’s transferred from one device to the other.

Top reasons end-to-end encryption is important in instant messaging application

Securing sensitive information

Now a days a smartphone is not just a phone to call or text someone. It has become simply more than that. It is an integral part of our daily digital life. We process a range of very sensitive personal information on it everyday, and without our knowledge, we are incidentally sending off many of such sensitive information public and easy for hackers. Using end to end encryption, an instant messaging application can defeat the purpose of hackers exploit the data of its users, thereby securing their privacy.

Securing the right to privacy

As mentioned above, as a user, you have the right to safeguard your privacy and the services you use should honor your dignity and make sure that while you use their platform, the information you use remain within your own threshold, and it could never be leaked.

Because every brand is using

Today, instant chat applications and other communication systems are increasingly using end-to-end encryption system to help their users seamlessly connect, collaborate and communicate with each other without having to worry about security. Keeping the legacy of this good practice; chat applications should even walk the extra mile and device methodical and more advanced communication security systems. So, chat applications should use this feature to be in the race of valued applications that care the privacy of its users.

Telling people that you value their

Integrating end-to-end encryption systems is important for applications since it develops a good image of the brand towards its audiences. Those who download the application treat it in good light since it cares for them and values their privacy.

These are just some of the most important benefits associated with end-to- end encryption for which instant messaging application brands are readily using it.

Never take security lightly. Always use an instant messaging application that is populated with the most useful features; which you can use to uncomplicate the entire process of sending and receiving messages. Having said that, we just wanted to ask whether you ever used BirdsBeep ? With obvious and some advanced features such as voice and text chats, picture, music sharing, hide/show chat conversation, send random gifts, manage profile, nudge etc; you can expect it to be your single source provider of instant messaging platform. A great application known for its features and simplicity!


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Benefits of Video Chat for Customer Service

Live video chat might never replace lunchtime joining of friends and handshakes; but it certainly scores over traditional means of humane communications. The most beneficial aspect of it is in the ability to see the communicators live and the edge of credibility it earns. Let’s find some of the most important benefits associated with video chat as customer service

“Within the online channel, the chat feature has become the leading contact source, as 42% of full-service customers indicate using a live online chat feature vs. email (23%) or other social media forum (16%). Additionally, online satisfaction is highest among customers who use the chat feature”
(Source 2013 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study)

When a customer engages with the executive of a company through live chat feature; the over experiences of the former is quick and simple. The entire picture is very clear and simple. In today’s highly volatile marketing eco system and changing audience dynamics, businesses need to understand the pinpointed preferences of audiences to easily cater to their unique needs. Coming to the evolving nature of audiences, today consumers are dynamic. Because of the availability of the competitors, and increased opportunities to conclude sales quickly, consumers need better service, better interaction and best of all quicker, simpler and a human communication set up.

Using a live video chat feature, a company can ensure that the customer can easily engage with the company, and then it can follow up with the purchases and queries easily. However, the company needs to ensure that the entire process of guiding the customer use video chat feature should be extremely simple and effortless so that migrating from traditional communication channels to the newer ones becomes simpler.

Increased sales

Live chat promotes quick sales, and discourages the promotion of shopping cart abandonment. More and more customers readily purchase products and services from a company that use live video chat feature because they trust it and some of them might even like the idea of developing a sustained, valued business identity and relationship with the customer care executives of a certain company through video chat so that the next process of purchases becomes quicker and simpler.

Reduced service cost

Another benefit of using live video chat for companies is that it offers reduced service cost. Given the affordable data availability and plans that cater to your customized business needs, you can quickly start scaling up. All you require to get started is a data and a software. Today you can easily get started with software at a great price and you can even develop and design one based on your own needs.

Other top of the mark benefits associated with video chat for customer service

  • It is an innovative customer service
  • Human angle and the ability to see the picture live improves credibility
  • It offers faster access to faster help
  • It makes way for personalized contact
  • Helps your brand stand out
  • It increases customer satisfaction
  • Video agents can communicate with disabled customers
  • It offers a comprehensive technical support system
  • It can help you attract and keep high-spending customers
  • It is secured, offers better communication!
  • It offers better communication in the absence of physical reception.



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Reasons to include Instant Messaging Apps in Marketing Strategy

eMarketer predicts that by 2018, the number of chat app users worldwide will reach 2 billion and represent 80% of smartphone users. Reference

Other than this very important and relevant reason, there are many whys exist for which marketers across industries are readily integrating instant messaging applications in their marketing strategy. We outline some of them here –

Trend of the time

Instant messaging applications are the trend of the time. They represent the most stylish, uncomplicated and simplified way to connect, collaborate and communicate with your target audience. They are taking the entire industry by storm and becoming a trusted way to communicate. That is why given the increased demand and the trend of the time; it is natural to expect that companies across industries will readily accept the integration of instant messaging application into their marketing campaign.

Caters to the evolving demands of interactivity

Instant messaging applications are slowly but steadily bridging the gaps traditionally developed by former communication technologies. And the filling up of the gaps is further propelled by the nature of such applications to cater to the demanding needs of the interactive age. Let’s take the example of emojis. You cannot expect to send an emoji using traditional landline phones. With instant messaging application, you live the emotions and interactions using so many features of communication; with emoji being one.

Integration of many marketing channels

Just like emojis which is also a form of interactive marketing brands are leveraging on, marketers are also pondering over the probability of using other marketing channels within the ambit of instant messaging apps. The use of video, keypad, animated features etc; are actively contributing towards the development of marketing for brands who always try to use newer ways to connect and communicate with their audiences.

The notification factor

The most awesome thing about applications available on smartphones is that they send you notifications. When you allow an applications to send you push notifications on your smartphone, it send you content you can use. Marketers are using this potentiality of messaging apps to reach out to their audiences easily.

These are just some of the most important reasons why marketers are actively working towards introducing messaging applications into their marketing strategy. The more detailed and beneficial the entire working methodology is better can marketers reach their potential audiences.

Should you want to learn the features of a great application that works, please click the website of BirdsBeep now! This is an awesome messaging application populated with a lot of useful features and is known to integrate robust security features.

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