How To Use Chatting Applications In Android?

Using chat applications in an Android is not a rocket science. These days, the users of smart phone are deliberately increasing. The increased use of mobile apps not just for chatting but also for various other activities such as shopping, financial transactions, booking a taxi and for many other things offering great value. Due to the introduction of mobile apps, it becomes easier for everyone to accomplish their work on time. Chat apps are highly efficient and also support delivery of images, document and video. This has made much worthy for customers to choose a chatting application on their smart phone.

Using chat applications in android gives you the freedom to share audio, video, images and files along with text message. It is good to know the right ways to use chatting applications in Android.

This Is How You Can Use Chatting Applications On Your Android Phone

  • Make Your Default Messaging App As Android Messaging: The use of more than one messaging app on your Android device needs you to change your default messaging app setting as Android messages. At first, open your Android messaging app, if you are looking to change your default messaging app then it is beneficial to follow the given instructions. It can be very easy to change your default messaging app settings from the app of your device’s settings.
  • Start Conversation with One of Your Contacts: Your messaging app shows all the contacts that are saved on your device else, you can add a new contact from within the app. The next step is to open your BirdsBeep Instant messaging app and then tap to the specific number with whom you want to chat.
  • Add A New Contact To A Group Conversation: It is simple to add a contact to the group conversation. Once you open the group chat then, choose people you want to add in people and options.
  • Block A Contact: If you want to block a contact, simply tap on the contact and choose the option of blocking it.
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How To Spot A Good Instant Messaging Application On The App Store?

How To Spot A Good Instant Messaging Application On The App Store?

Messaging apps are getting quite popular and are widely used by the smart phone users to send messages anywhere in the world. Due to the increased use of smart phones development of messaging apps have taken a rise. There are numerous instant messaging apps that are comprised of a variety of features to provide the user with the ease of using it. It is very important to spot a good instant messaging application on the app store to enjoy the benefits of messaging at a high level.

App stores are filled with multiple instant messaging apps. Every new messaging app is launched with more advanced features than the previous app. Instant messaging apps are available on the app store. It is advisable to choose a reliable messaging app by considering your personal requirements and available app features.

You Can Easily Spot A Decent App By Following The Given Tips

  • Find The Right App Store Keywords: It is the most important thing to find the correct and most applicable keywords to search the instant messaging app of your choice. An appropriate keyword helps you get the most efficient app related to your search on the top of the list and make it easier for you to choose from a wide variety.
  • Put The App Store Keywords In The Right Place: Another thing to consider is placing of keyword at the right place. If the keywords are misplaced they can affect the whole search result and may not offer you the best suitable option.
  • App Description: An app description matters a lot as it is a compact form of addressing the related application. Be factual and look for an accurate description. You can get the idea of the whole app by reading its available description that saves a lot of time and there is no need to go through the whole app.
  • For further information : –

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    The Future Of Instant Messaging Mobile Applications

    The Future Of Instant Messaging Mobile Applications

    Instant messaging mobile applications has made the communication simple, fast and convenient than ever before. There are many instant messaging applications such as BirdsBeep, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Wechat etc are uncomplicated apps that facilitate the whole system into a through process for better collaboration and communication by people. The facilities of these applications are not just limited to communication but people can also share images, videos, files that give them a wider choice.

    Instant messaging mobile apps are omnipresent. They are the need of today’s busy generation. They bring revolution in the industry of communication by offering advanced and useful features to the users. There is no restriction on time, quantity and type of messaging. You can easily remain connected with your friends and family anywhere in the world.

    The Future Of These Apps Is Quite Huge And Strong are

    Instant messaging applications

    • People will become more engaged: In today’s world, people remain busy with their mobiles in communication with their peers and clients. This trend will likely to grow more in the future. Businesses will communicate mostly through messaging apps, in the corporate sector; these apps are widely used in communication with colleagues to get in touch in real-time and to share and read files instantly. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide innovative solutions for in-app.
    • Mobile security will become a top priority: Due to more and more use of mobile at the workplace for communication, the accessibility to view information from personal devices will increase which gives rise to immediate attention to secure mobile devices.
    • Application to person messaging will become widespread: There will be the exorbitant growth of application to person messaging in future to make their phone more customer-centric and to relish the benefits of widespread customer service. Apps track customer location, their preferences etc to give them more benefits.
    • A new computing interface: There will be introduced a new computing interface that will certainly change the way people communicate. Voice and SMS will turn into a more intelligent interface.

    To learn about, The Future Of Instant Messaging Mobile Applications, visit our website

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    How Can Businesses Use Instant Messaging?

    The advancement in technology has legitimized us in many ways in multiplying the business activities and to reach to the target audience globally. There are many businesses that have introduced the latest technology to get them stabilized in the emerging competition. Instant messaging is one of the latest technological advancement that businesses are widely using to connect with their audience.

    The most popular way of communicating with business clients is instant messaging. It is beneficial as it saves a business’s money and time by streamlining communications in real time. Along with the ease of use, you can easily find them as most of the instant messaging software(s) are absolutely free so; there is no need to invest more in instant messaging.

    Before Going For This It Is Important To Know That How Businesses Use Instant Messaging.

    Use Instant Messaging

  • Convenient for group chat: It is an absolute blessing for a group chat. It is really difficult if we need to send a message individually to a large number of people. Instant messaging is very helpful in such cases. It saves a lot of time by sending messages to a group at once and can also help in saving the messages for future reference.
  • Off-sites connections: Instant communication can help everyone to work efficiently and also increase their speed of work. It helps in knowing the other team’s activity even if they are in another country. It definitely speeds up your work by making proper and immediate communication.
  • Mobile communications: All the instant messaging apps are available on the mobile phones. This has reduced the time spent on workstations for checking messages.
  • Improved business opportunities: The stiff competition requires all time availability of business persons to grab the opportunity whenever it arrives. Businesses can keep an eye through instant messaging.
  • Reduced interruptions: The interruptions are reduced that are quite common in telephonic or email conversations.
  • Cost-Effective: It is absolutely cost-effective and helps businesses in generating a high return on investment.
  • To gain more knowledge about how can business use instant messaging, visit

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    Thing That Make BirdsBeep Stand Out

    BirdsBeep is a multilanguage and multiplatform chat app designed to simplify communication and take stress and confusion out of conversation.

    There are a good number of reasons why BirdsBeep score better than other available chat applications. Please find five of those.

    Integration of features; overdose of strategic features – all imbibed in one standalone application – BirdsBeep scores better because it enjoys a host of features – that too very important features – integrated in it.

    Here’s Are A Few Features That Collectively Make BirdsBeep A Great Application

    Voice and text chat, send pictures, music sharing with others, hide/show chat conversation, send random gifts, manage profiles and add album, contacts online/offline, nudge, status history of users, invite friends via social networking, search contacts by number, name and email, message seen status, real time contact synchronization, last time usage, broadcast my location, schedule of messages, auto backup locally, encrypt of messages, lock selected conversation with password, parent and junior, create public group are some of the features that make it standout.

    Add to that, customizable appearance, full control on last seen status, short beep and long beep, block receipt, emoticons, import contacts, junior boundary, multi language support, my album, profile change alerts, show what you’re listening to, status ON/OFF, take videos, turn off last seen notification, YouTube integration, email conversation history.

    BirdsBeep has a robust customer support. For help with application, you can visit this section. To contact them, you can visit this page. The company believes in robust customer support and any kind of queries is resolved quickly. BirdsBeep is available to download from Google Play store and Apple App store.

    BirdsBeep is a chat application that uncomplicated the process of communication by offering a host of features and by providing them strategically for easy usage.

    To learn more about the BirdsBeep mobile chat application, please visit the website

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    3 Tips About Instant Messaging Application You Can’t Miss Out

    3 Tips About Instant Messaging Application You Can't Miss Out

    Chatting with instant messaging app changes the idea of talking and exchanging messages with our friends. Unlike emails, there is no need to wait for the messages too long to get them downloaded from the server. The user can chat in the actual time without any delay. Instant messaging apps are used by most businesses to communicate internally at a faster level. They are made to convenient users by providing many more additional features except messaging to the app.

    3 Tips about the instant messaging application you can’t miss

    The instant messaging app is a complete messaging platform that helps users to exchange text, share images, videos, files, documents etc and provides a complete set-up. Any type of individual can benefit from it and its methodology.

    Messaging Apps

    Here are some tips to make the most of these messaging apps.

    • Robust Backend:

    The first tip is to make a robust backend. It is most important to think about your server architecture as it requires being powerful to handle the messages, media files, images etc in a large quantity per day. The system of the messaging app should be well efficient and consistently reliable with no downtime. Any delay or server breakdown will affect a large number of people. A full proof security of people’s data with a flexible and secure platform helps you make most of it.

    • Push Notifications:

    Push Notifications are quite interesting and keep people engaged in the app. It is also a good marketing idea to increase the app usage. Push Notifications notify users for many things related to the app such as receiving of messages; writing of a message from a friend, about the read messages, or if there is any new update available for the app etc. These notifications increase user engagement.

    • Cloud Services synchronization:

    This method is about keeping your files secured at different places i.e. on the cloud. If the changes are made to one file then other files are also changed accordingly. This helps by making it easier to implement any changes whenever required.

    Though there are many ways but consider these tips to get the most out of instant messaging apps

    Reference : BirdsBeep

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    Reasons For Fall In Love With BirdsBeep – The Best Chatting Apps

    Reasons For Fall In Love With BirdsBeep - The Best Chatting Apps

    Reasons BirdsBeep is awesome! Read!

    Features and Benefits:

    Features and Benefits

  • Voice and text chat
  • Preference oriented voice and text chat enables you to initiate and/or join smart, new-age conversation that least feels virtual but more normal.

  • Send pictures
  • Whether you are in a voice, video, single or group chatting, you can still send multiple pictures – that too in your priority quality; without adding a stop in the ongoing communication.

  • Share music
  • Love music? You can send multiple music files in as many qualities as you want while chatting with friends and others. All in a jiffy!

  • Hide/show chat conversation
  • Reorganize your priorities and stop others invade your privacy.

  • Send random gifts
  • Show some love to someone you care. Choose from a variety of awesome gifts.



  • Manage Profile and add album
  • User can search contacts by number, name, email
  • Straus history of users
  • Message seen status
  • Real time contact synchronization
  • Broadcast my location
  • Auto backup locally and backup on a server
  • Encrypt messages
  • Lock selected conversation with password
  • Customizable appearance
  • Emoticons
  • Junior boundary
  • Private and public profile
  • Show what you are listening to
  • Email conversation history
  • For a comprehensive list of the features, we recommend you visit the features section in the BirdsBeep website.

    All of these features standout, and play an active role in making the chat application genuinely awesome.

    However, with this article we will highlight only a few – as few as four features – that truly serves great functions

    However, with this article we will highlight only a few - as few as four features - that truly serves great functions

  • Broadcast My Location
  • Broadcast your current global location across your contacts. Let people find it easy to search you or let people know if you are nearby them.

  • Scheduling Message Delivery
  • Send messages when you need, when the recipient you think would read. This multiplies chances of readability.

  • Lock Selected Conversation With Password
  • Lock conversation you want to protect with the password only you know.

  • Manage Notification Beep
  • You can adjust the beep sound settings for every notification you receive online according to your personal preferences. 

    All of these features and more make BirdsBeep awesome!

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